Our Daily Bread

i first posted this photo on my facebook page, with the caption reading "this photo is saved as my desktop image at work. i just spent 5 minutes staring at it. my heart breaks for the realities that this little boy lives everyday."

that was 45 minutes ago...

as i sit here at work at my comfy desk... with a space heater warming my legs beneath it... pandora radio playing through the headphones plugged into my iphone... wireless high-speed internet blasting through my computer and uploading these images and words faster than i can type them... a warm lunch awaiting me in a matter of minutes... and another paycheck being handed to me in a couple days that far exceeds the amount of money i truly need to live... i ponder the words "give us today our daily bread"... and guilt rolls over me.

i sit here and think about this little boy (and the millions of others just like him)...who doesn't even have indoor plumbing, let alone the luxuries that i take for granted everyday... and i wonder... what am i really doing to help? awareness is worthless unless it leads to action, right? so what is my action? what am i doing to make a difference? how am i doing more with what God has blessed me with?

would giving money to red bowl help? sure.
would going and feeding this little boy in south africa make a difference? absolutely.

should i be satisfied with those simple things that we're all called to do? i fear that all to often i am.

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