In Hiding (or We Are All Witnesses)

i know there have been several people wondering where i've been, if i've disappeared, etc. rest assured, i'm still alive and all is okay. life has just gotten quite busy over the past couple months, and with that, i've had less time to sit down and write. believe me, i've wanted to... my brain never turns off. perhaps sometime soon, things will change, but i imagine not. things are going great with katy and i, duncan, church, family, friends, school, etc.

God has really blessed me with some amazing things in my life over the past couple months and years, and i think i'm just now beginning to see all the work He put in place for me. it's amazing what you can do when you have God in your corner! i know my life is forever changed because of my further understanding of Him and His everlasting love...but i think it brings me more joy to see those moments, those realizations, those eyes light up when others finally see it too...when they give up their lives and take on His. those are the moments that are truly special...and i'm grateful, because God has put me in place where i can witness those moments all the time.