Recently, I was sitting around with a group of guys, discussing everything from cloud computing to remote control boats to prostitution busts. Eventually, the conversation turned to faith and what are people’s most common hang-ups when it comes to surrendering to Christ. We went over the usual questions: How do I know God exists? What about Adam and Eve? Evolution vs. Creation? Why would God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why do Christians do wicked things? Etc. We decided that people could spend the rest of their lives debating these questions, or being lazy, or both.

Finally, we decided (I’m sure we weren’t the first to arrive at this decision, but I’m glad we did) that none of these questions really matter if you can’t answer these 3 questions first.

1. Did Jesus Exist? (Historical documents would tell you that absolutely He did.)

2. Did Jesus Die On The Cross For Our Sins? (I think there were a few people present to witness this one.)

3. Did Jesus Rise From The Dead? (A couple hundred people have been documented to say just this. I can’t imagine all of them having the same hallucinations.)

So, that’s it. Those are the 3 questions that really matter. If you can answer those, the rest aren’t nearly as important. Don’t get me wrong, the other questions are certainly worth your time, but they’re secondary to determining your salvation. Jesus died for each of us. He died for us so that we may live for Him.

Are you asking the right questions?