Our Daily Bread

i first posted this photo on my facebook page, with the caption reading "this photo is saved as my desktop image at work. i just spent 5 minutes staring at it. my heart breaks for the realities that this little boy lives everyday."

that was 45 minutes ago...

as i sit here at work at my comfy desk... with a space heater warming my legs beneath it... pandora radio playing through the headphones plugged into my iphone... wireless high-speed internet blasting through my computer and uploading these images and words faster than i can type them... a warm lunch awaiting me in a matter of minutes... and another paycheck being handed to me in a couple days that far exceeds the amount of money i truly need to live... i ponder the words "give us today our daily bread"... and guilt rolls over me.

i sit here and think about this little boy (and the millions of others just like him)...who doesn't even have indoor plumbing, let alone the luxuries that i take for granted everyday... and i wonder... what am i really doing to help? awareness is worthless unless it leads to action, right? so what is my action? what am i doing to make a difference? how am i doing more with what God has blessed me with?

would giving money to red bowl help? sure.
would going and feeding this little boy in south africa make a difference? absolutely.

should i be satisfied with those simple things that we're all called to do? i fear that all to often i am.


What Exists For You

do you feel lost? alone? defeated? do you feel like life has cheated you? did you think that by this point in your life, things would be different?

do you struggle? are you in bondage? addiction? pain? hurting? lost?

are you in need of answers? do you feeling like something is missing?

are you full of pride? are you tired of life being "business as usual"?

are you a skeptic? been burned by others before? feel that hope has passed you by?

are you afraid of what you might discover if you go looking for answers? fearful of what others might say if you make a change? afraid of what will be required of you? afraid of the unknown?

if you're reading this, then I'm talking to you.

all these thoughts, feelings, answers and excuses fall well short of the hope that exists for you.

if this is you...text me...email me...meet me for coffee...whatever you need to do. just don't let these feelings pass you by. i was once the one asking all these questions...making all the excuses i could. doing my best to hide the uneasy stirring within me. then one day, i grew tired of who i'd become, and what i thought life was suppose to be. i went in search of answers...a solution that truly changes. below is my contact info. please, let me know what i can do for you. don't allow your pride to keep you from the freedom that awaits you.

email: reininger.jeff@gmail.com
twitter: http://twitter.com/jeffreininger
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=1206334985+